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Something Big Is Brewing!

MLM ‘s universe is now abuzz with a new multilevel marketing hotshot, Top Level Spot, coming into being. The software is already generating significant online buzz and steady follow-ups on social networking sites before its much-anticipated launch. Indeed, also world-renowned marketers and leaders have their eyes set on TLP ‘s launch. What’s the fuss for, then? Let’s look at it closer, but firstly check out app development Ireland if you are looking for world class software and mobile app developers.

Top Level Place like all other MLM firms promises online income generation. Yet what makes TPL special is that it offers a unique opportunity to secure a spot in the incentive plan program as a whole and provides enrollers with the tools they need to grow the company all free of charge. It’s easy to sign up and participate in this efficient marketing program. Simply sign up using your name and email address without paying the registration or other upfront fees charged by other companies. Each person who has enrolled through your efforts will get income. The marketing scheme argues that registration does not pose a danger to users, and it does not require a credit card. Much like all online money-making companies, members of earnings and fees get based on how many people members will join. The more people you introduce to TLP, the more fees you are going to reap.

Because of the easy and convenient sign-up process plus the fact that it is free and does not entail risks associated with other MLM firms, people, both novices and MLM experts, are likely to be interested in securing a role and sharing in the profits and commissions produced from this marketing program.

TLP is still waiting for its release; currently, its website is not yet live. On their launch date, they are regularly updating their Facebook fanpage about new links with top business leaders and organizations, and teasers. We are also using this fanpage to communicate with prospective members and registrations. As of this, 1, 288 FB users liked this fanpage. Including Facebook, they do have a Twitter page where they can get feedback from interested parties.

Even before their platform goes online, no MLM organization has ever engaged in this kind of systematic social media marketing. Top Level Position is the first in the industry to leverage the power of social networking sites and online press release platforms during pre-launch to channel support, traffic, and publicity. Before their site goes live on the Internet, they are gradually building anticipation, traffic, interest and curiosity from MLM enthusiasts and industry experts. As they say, this is the largest on-line marketing network developed by people, sold by people, and extended by people. TLP itself teaches prospective members how to do the promotion. It at its finest is multilevel marketing.